How do I obtain a DKIM key?

(Andreas Belivanakis) #1

How do I obtain a DKIM key?

It seems that email has become extremely unreliable. Too much legitimate email gets filtered out as spam. I need to put an end to this, as it drives my business and my client’s businesses out of business.

DKIM maybe the solution. Formloom 3 supports it, but a DKIM key is required. I have no clue where or how to obtain one, and what the cost might be. The website is in an undecipherable academic language, so it is of no help at all.

Has anyone implemented DKIM? Can anyone offer a as suggestion on how to obtain a @#$%&*! DKIM key?

(Kenneth McBride) #2

Have you tried here?

(Andreas Belivanakis) #3

Hi Kenneth,

Here where?

(Gregory Barchard) #4


you don’t obtain one. You generate one. Some control panel software will generate and add the DNS entries for DKIM for you automatically. At Chillidog, for instance, you can find it under the Email Autenication section. Your host may have it under the same label if they’re using the same control panel.


(Andreas Belivanakis) #5

Thank you, Greg. I will ask my hosting provider. I use DirectAdmin and do not see this feature anywhere.


(Barrie McDermid) #6

Hi Greg,

You host my email for me (but not my website), but I can’t find the control panel?

(Gregory Barchard) #7

Please open a support ticket. :slight_smile: thanks

(Andreas Belivanakis) #8

I’ve located an entry for DKIM on my DirectAdmin control panel, but I still have questions about it.

The values are:

v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=[a string of characters],

I’d imagine that p is the DKIm key, but there is no selector or passphrase, as required by the formloom panel.

In addition, there is no indication whether this DKIm key is the desirable 1024-bit version.