How do I populate the data in "Date", "Size" & "Type" in Photo Album

(Peter) #1

Hi there.

I can’t seem to figure out how to populate the information in the “Date”, “Size” “Type” columns when using the Photo Album plugin…

Thanks for any advice on this…


(Mark Sealey) #2

You can’t single-click in their fields to the right of each row and enter those as text - as you do with ‘Caption’?

(Peter) #3

Hi MarkSealy.

Thanks for the response.

I have been trying to “right click” in that field - but nothing happens.

This morning I tried “left clicking” in that field and it does open up. I can type text in it - but when I leave that field either by tabbing out of it or hitting enter - whatever was entered in there disappears…

Thanks for any guidance…


(Mark Sealey) #4


I feared that might be the case. It may be a question of very precisely identifying the position of a field whose typeable width is only one character. I doubt it’d ever be right-clicking…

If n/g, I’d open a ticket with RealMac; they’ll help. Good luck!

(Peter) #5


Email sent to RealMac support…

Thanks for trying…