Photo Album - Help

added photos to the album page but would like them to be in separate albums on that page so as a visitor to the page can select which album to view. Tried adding different albums from but when previewed they all show as just my album? New to realmac and have tried following the tutorial but must be missing something?

Hi @Monty,

welcome! The Photo Album is a plugin, you are not able to have separate albums on one page.

In combination with Stacks Plugin, you are able to use Gallery Stack, which allows you to include more than one Photo Album on a single page.

Cheers, Jannis

Many thanks Janis. I have downloaded it and will try it out. No doubt i shall be back with more questions.

Hi Janis. So have loaded and played with Gallery stack. But I dont understand the url section in the “gallery stack-basic section”. it currently shows “…/photos/index.html” but this only gives this result “There was an error loading the original photo album from URL …/photos/index.html
Error: 404 Not Found” on my webpage

On looking at my online server i see the /photos folder but no index.html also another folder called /files with the pictures in but no index.html?

What am i doing wrong/not understanding? Should there be an index.html in photos folders? if so how and what needs to go in the html bit?

Thank you for your patience.

Paul (Monty)


There must be a index.html, or you have it renamed.
Republish all files, that can help.

Thanks Oscar. I’m already in contact with Paul offline. It is a setting in the RW Photo Album.
Cheers, Jannis


Hello Jannis

There is no index.html.
That’s not a setting problem in the RW photo album !?

Thank you Oscar.

I have now deleted all files on my server and re-published to the server and the missing file is now back. All is working. So Big thank you to Jannis and yourself for the help.

My next question which i have replied directly to Jannis is how do i have seperate albums on that page.

Again thanks for the help,



You can have separate albums, when you create different albums and when you bring its together in a page with PlusKit.
But with the photo album, the look is not very cool. Better with WeaverPix.

No need for PlusKit. Just add several Gallery Stacks on one Stacks Page.


I did not think about that.
But he keeps asking for this feature ! :wink: