How do I set the link in Workman HTML5 Audio Stack?

(Gary Davis) #1

I have some kind of basic deficiency in setting links. I never seem to know how to end them. There must be rules for this and I must find them. In the meantime…

I just bought Joe Workman’s HTML5 Audio stack. I want to use it to place little audio clips here and there on my website. Right now, I am just testing it in a testing / playaround site that is not published.

I made a test audio called “audiotest-9-12-15.m4a”. It works; I click it and it talks. I uploaded it to my website files. To do this, I created a folder at GoDaddy called “audio”. I uploaded the m4a file into that folder. It is there.

On a blank page in my test site, with only site styles and a 1-column foundation, I added the HTML5 Audio stack. Under “set link”, I set an m4a link in several different ways, saved the page, went to Preview and clicked the arrow. Nada. Here are the ways I set the link:, same just ending in “audio/”, same just ending in “audio”. None of those worked.

Maybe I did something else wrong, or have not done something else, but I am sure that I am bad about phrasing links correctly, so I figure that is the problem. Would someone please tell me how to make this work? Thanks!

(Dave Farrants) #2

I’ve used that Stack, I’ve always dropped the audio file into the “Resources” folder (drag in files) then linked to it from there, works for me.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #3

If you go to the link you set

you will notice it is a 404, not found.

(Gary Davis) #4

Thanks, zeebe and DaveFox. This morning, when I showed the problem to my wife (who writes code professionally in several languages), she saw the problem immediately. A typo. When I created the folder in GoDaddy I named the folder “Audio” instead of “audio”, which is what I meant to type. Then I just could not see it. Fixed that and wrote the link to it, which was properly written – and it worked perfectly.

But – DaveFox, thanks – you have led me to a much easier path! I had never actually used the Resources folder. So, I just read up on that, dragged my test audio into there, linked to it via the Set Link box and voila! It works great.

(Daniel Mandel) #5

Hello everyone… I am brand new to this HTML5 Audio plug in and I believe I have followed the steps described here, except that I’m using .mp3 and my audio is not playing as expected?

Any / all help would be appreciated!


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #6

Your audio files are not on the links you have them for. They are set to this
but those come up with a page not found.

Personally, I NEVER use resources with RapidWeaver, as I have never gotten them to work properly. I use an FTP app and upload them to the server myself and then link to them that way.

(Daniel Mandel) #7

I discovered that the issue was as follows:

I had created my first few audio files named with a # symbol. It appears that this is considered a special character and prevents the file from playing via the HTML5 Audio.

Once I corrected this the audio file and player started working as expected.