Error Message attempting to play mp3 from my site

Hey All,

I have a page on our parish site where our parishioners can listen to the previous Sunday’s homily.

We are using Joe Workman’s excellent HTML5 audio stack and everything works flawlessly on a PC or tablet. However, we we try all listen to it on a phone, it sounds like something out to Star Wars. We get the same thing when call up he file via direct URL.

When I checked in developer mode in Safari, they only error message I get is: Failed to load resource: Plug-in handled load

Anyone know what this is, so I can attempt to address it?


Hope it is a wonderful holiday season for you all.



Did you put your audio file in the resources folder of your project and link to it that way?

What file format (extension) is the audio file?

Do any of the hints on the docs portal help?

Merry Christmas