Rapidweaver will not stay in edit mode

I just did the latest update.
I am trying to edit an old website that is currently being forwarded to another url.
When I try to edit a stacks page, it switches to preview mode and displays the other site.
The online redirect is done in cPanel. But I had a couple of pages in my project with an html redirect done in a stack.
But now it redirects when in edit mode, and displays like preview mode, even though the interface shows it as still in edit mode, and I can’t edit the stack.
I should point out that the redirect happens no matter what page I am on, even in Settings, like Master Style.

Sounds odd, perhaps the redirect has been setup globally in the project…

Can you post a video of this in action? (Quicktime.app can record the screen)

If you use the type “offsite” for the page it will show the redirect page even in edit mode. So make sure these pages are not this type:

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