How do you make a page stay up independent of RW?

(Dr. Jim Fox) #1

For 12 years I kept the best brass mouthpiece charts on the net. I also have (by far) the largest Brass Band Radio station in the world (legal one that pays royalties, etc.). Now I have sold my mouthpiece charts to MouthPieceExpress and I want to remove the pages from my radio station website, but keep up those exact pages with forwarding information for at least a year.

How do I do that? I did some searching, but nothing fitting the bill came up.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Fox
of All Brass Radio

(scott williams) #2

Looks like you figured it out Jim


(Dr. Jim Fox) #3

Scott, I am at a loss. “I have figured it out?” What I want is for these three pages to stay ON the internet but not attached to my website. I am not sure I have figured out anything except I am dense.



Do you mean that you just want to remove those pages from your site’s navigation so that nobody finds them that way, just kind of hide them? The URLs would stay the same. In Rapidweaver you can do that by unchecking “Show in Navigation” in the Page Inspector pane. Of course search engines would still link to those pages. I’m not sure I understand your question right though.

(Dr. Jim Fox) #5

Geez, that was too easy. Thank you. I can make the biggest problems out of the silliest things.


Ok, good it worked for you. You made it sound like something more complicated.

(Greg Schneck) #7

And when you say “Not attached to my website” I hope you mean within RW. Even though the pages are only now “on the internet” (your web server) search engines will still see it and use the meta data in search results, etc. But I suspect you mean you just don’t want it in RW…

(scott williams) #8

Sorry Jim, when I went to the pages I saw a link to where they now live and thought that was what you were after. I didn’t realize what you really wanted was that you just didn’t want them to show up in navigation.

(Dr. Jim Fox) #9

Thanks all - much ado about nothing. If you do not use that function very often, you forget it is there. Problem easily solved. I was just being dense.