How does one get INTO a project to extract images?

I need some images that are in my project. I would like to extract them out of the project so that I can use them in another place. Does anybody know an easy way to get into a project to extract those files? Thank you!

Preview in a browser, try to see if you can drag them to your desktop

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Navigate to the project file in Finder, right click and choose Package Contents. You can look inside each page to find what you want.


PERFECT! Thanks so much!!!

Retrieve the images on the host server by FTP (resources)

If you have access to the original images, then you should use those. Each tool might convert, scale, or compress your images based on its own needs. If you’re going to use those images for other purposes, it’s best to start from the originals if you can.

If you don’t have originals, using @robbeattie’s solution will give you the highest quality images – the same images RapidWeaver will use.

Dragging images out of the web page will work of course, but those images are likely to be much smaller and significantly compressed.

The devil is really in the details here.


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