Lost hard copies of site. How do I open downloaded site?

(Andy Merriwether) #1

My computer and backup drive were wrecked while backing it up and lost all hard copies of my site. I copied all the files from the web server. How do I open the site now in RapidWeaver6 (it was made years ago in a very old version of RapidWeaver)? I have index.html and index.asp files and then folders for each page.

(Leif Ottosson) #2

I’m sorry but I have only bad news for you. You can’t. RapidWeaver can only open project files, not an exported site that you download from the server.


(Andy Merriwether) #3

are there any short cuts having all the files from the web, pasting in content? tricks? Or do I have to build it from scratch?

(Leif Ottosson) #4

I’d say it’s a good thing to have all the files from the server to work with. Then you don’t have to recreate all the images and you can copy/paste text if you open the html pages in a text editor. But basically you have to rebuild the site from scratch. See it as an opportunity to make it fresh and modern/responsive (especially since it’s many years old in your case).


(Rob D) #5

@andym – As Leif said, there is no way to import your site from a server back to RW. This time, you are screwed. But take a look at this discussion and you will be presented with a solution for the same problem in the future…

(Brian LaPan) #6

Try Sitesucker. It downloads entire websites (and then you can cut and paste from there) including all graphics.

(Leif Ottosson) #7

No need for Sitesucker since @andym have already downloaded all files from the server. If you have FTP accessibility that’s usually a better solution for downloading the site.