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I would love some thoughts and input on this. Let’s say one has a large number of published rapidweaver sites (let’s say 100 sites each with unique domains). Let’s assume these sites have a cms, and these updates are only updates to themes and resources etc. What, if any, options exist short of manually publishing from rapidweaver 100 times over. Could some sort of server side scripting be used? Could OS X Automator be used to automate the process? Is there a simple solution that I’m unaware of?

Not sure what exactly you are asking. Since everything is hypothetical it’s really hard to give you an answer. I’ve never tried to use Automatior on RapidWeaver, I suppose you could get it to work, but publishing from RapidWeaver can present errors.

I don’t think there would be any “server Side” script that’s going to be able to help you out, but again not knowing exactly what you are trying to do makes it hard to say for sure.

There are some standalone FTP apps that might be able to help with the actual publishing.

Since you are making changes to the RW project “Themes and Resources” you are going to have to open each project apply the changes anyway so I’m not sure what you are looking to automate. You could just as easily hit the publish button when you’re done with the changes.

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Thanks @teefers yeah it’s a bit ambiguous at the moment. Just to clarify a little more. I already have five sites up and running that use one project file and any dynamic content is controlled via joes total cms. So each of the five sites is unique (via the cms) I simply control and update some of the static content and make improvements to the site on occasion. So when I update the project I simply publish that one project five times. Filling in the appropriate publishing info and pressing publish five time of course is no biggie. I’m wondering what hurdles would occur in scaling such a solution. Maintenance and publishing seems to be one of the main hurdles to me. If the concept scaled (to 100 as in our example) the process of filling in publishing info and clicking publish could become an issue. Hope that makes a bit more sense? Thanks for the ftp suggestion…I’ve already discovered that fetch has some built in Automator functions that might allow publishing of exported directories from RW. I’m interested to hear others chime in. Maybe @zeebe or @joeworkman have some thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

Never used Automator for anything, so I am not the man to ask. @joeworkman would be though, as he is the king of automation. Not sure this is the time to ask him though as he is busy working on something big. I would also ask this at the Weaver’s Space Community page.

Also, I still know some stuff about Joe’s products, but he has done a lot since I posted this:



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Robb/@zeebe thanks and congratulations on the pursuit of your desire to teach. What an awesome opportunity to have a real impact on our most valuable resource (our children). All the best and thanks for the suggestions.

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