Same Navigation menu on every page

I want to have the same navigation menu on every page so when I add a new page all of pages get updated.

Anyway I can do that?

Hey @gehrenfeld,

That is the default behaviour in most if not all RapidWeaver themes. Am I missing something here?


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He is in the Foundation section of the forums, so my guess is you need to add a TopBar stack to your page. I would also suggest you make it a partial ( so if you edit a little part of it on one page, it edits them on all pages.

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I do use foundation but when I make a new page using RapidMaps 3 for example There is no way to add a TopBar stack.

Would I use a partial of TopBar and put it in the header of the RapidMaps 3 page?

Since RapidMaps is not a stacks page, it is not possible to use it. You could use the PlusKit to import a RapidMaps 3 page into a stacks page. Not sure if it works, that is something Foreground would need to answer.

Okay I will send Foreground an email.

Sure would be nice to be able to do that.

That is something that would be nice to be baked into RapidWeaver, like their banner area. An area to put stacks that can be placed on all pages, so you could put the Site Styles and TopBar in that area and then it would be on every page.