How to ad an image to the Page Sidebar?

(Peter Lars Jensen) #1


I’m new to RapidWeaver… so this might be a simple question…

I have copied a jpg-file to the Resources and would now like to add the pict to the Page Sidebar. What is the html-code that I’m missing?

See attached:

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(Doug Bennett) #2

I’m not at a Mac right now but might want to checkout this video:

(Peter Lars Jensen) #3

Thanks Doug,

Now I understand how to use Resources… :wink: … and I now understand that this is not the way to put a pict in my Page Sidebar…

Anyone who would know how to do this?

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(David) #4

I haven’t used the sidebar in a very long time, but as i recall I think you can just drag the image from your desktop into the sidebar.

(Peter Lars Jensen) #5

Bingo! How easy could it be :wink:

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(Pedro Perdomo M.) #6

Or, if your image is warehoused just write: <img src=""/>
Select and “Ignore Formatting”