How do I add a Image to Reason theme Blog?

I’m new here and older and my son turned me onto Rapidweaver, which i am very thankful for!

I just can’t seem to post along with my comments an image with my comments in the blog, they are in my resources the images that is, and I though I could drag an drop like I read on this forum, I’m sure I am wrong, but how do you do it without code? I was able to produce a very nice website without much code at all which i am not good at like my son…

Thank you for any help…


You cannot drag and drop from the resources folder onto a page. You have to use the %resource()% macro in an image tag like thus:

<img src="%resource(sampleimage.jpg)%">

And all should be good…


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is there a way to reduce th size of them in that line? and by the way thank you very much…

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Michael, try this:

With this, you control the height of the image, and the width will adjust accordingly in respect to the original image layout.

Cheers, Jannis

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that did it perfectly!!! thanks!!!

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Thank you, Jannis
Why this code does not work in Tesla, Split and some other themes?
How can I adjust the code for these themes?

Hi @Oscar,

This should be theme independent:

Cheers, Jannis

No solution found in the w3school pages.
But, when I set the image width only, it works!

<img src="%resource(image.jpg)%"width="300px">


Don’t forget to add the alt attribute

<img src="%resource(sampleimage.jpg)%" height="200px" width="auto" alt="sample text describing image">

Some good resources mentioned by @instacks and @Oscar


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The alt text is always forgotten :wink:


Strange, in Tesla and some other themes, this code only works with data in width, not in height.

<img src="%resource(image.jpg)%" height="auto" width="600"alt="image description"</img>

This thread is so old, but maybe there are people “out there” who are still asking.
I find this the easiest way…no code, no resources!

Pull up photos, highlight the one you want. Press Command + C together. (This copies the photo) Go to website page, set cursor where you want the picture to be. Press Command + V together. This transfers the picture to the page. Double click on the photo, this brings up the “sizing box.” (Not sure of the technical name.) Click on the sliding scale until you get the size you want. There are also other options to adjust the picture in this box. Use Enter and Tab to place the photo. Remember to Save. And breathe…!