How to add an mage in the site footer?

Can anyone tell me how to add a small image in the footer of all pages (ie: in the ‘General’ settings)? What path should I set?

  1. place the image in the resources: 2019-08-06_11-58-47
  2. Right click the image an select copy macro
  3. You would then use anhtml image tag replacing the source (between quotes) with the macro copied above:
<img src="%resource(iu.png)%" alt="replace with alt description" height="42" width="42">

Of coursce you will have to deal with spacing and size.

Hmmm… doesn’t show up - just the usual blue square. Do I need to use a different path for the footer?

Without a bit more info it’s hard to say what might be wrong.

the code I just gave you should work if placed in the footer section. and you changed the src="xxx" to the macro of the resource.

Might it need an absolute, rather than relative, path in this context?

Perhaps a screenshot of what you have and the steps you took to "get the code in place would be helpful.
It sounds as if you have done something else wrong. You can put a absolute path if you want but it’s not needed. What I gave above works. I just tested it.

Again this is the steps I used:

Used this img tag replacing what inside the src with the resource macro I copied :

<img src="%resource(iu.png)%" alt="replace with alt description" height="42" width="42"> 

Pasted that into the footer:

make sure it’s plain text

And the end result is:

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Thanks for the reply but this doesn’t seem to have much relevance to RapidWeaver 8 on a Mac!

Try this…

  1. put the graphic in resources
  2. Copy the macro of the graphic
  3. Paste the following and put in the macro
  4. In the footer area…
    © 2019 Joe Martin />

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