How to add a tab to allow website to translate to a different language

I saw this on a gallery website. Can anyone offer insight on the metod used to add the tab and dropdown to select a language to translate the website into? New to RW 7 and would appreciate the advice.

Joe Workman has a free stack called Translate that kind of works like that, you can get it here

I hate spell check! zeebe

Thanks for the reply.

If I may add my ¢2, using Google Translate gives unpredictable and often idiotic translations. You may want to explore the possibility of creating your content in more than one language and use specialized multi-lingual stack like RWML from TsoojMedia to present your content in the language of choice of your viewers.

Of course, this is not as simple to implement as Google Translate, but you get the results as good as your custom translations are.

Spell check is rather important. If the spelling is not correct then don’t expect the translation would be near to correct.

I was speaking in the context of my phone substituting the wrong name as in username Zeebe and making it Zebra. Fortunately my original reply was not accepted by the forum (too short) and didn’t get submitted with the name substitution having been corrected incorrectly.

So it has nothing to do with spell check of a given stack/plugin. Thank you for your response though. I do understand spelling correction in the specific language would be of paramount importance.


Rovertek thanks…however I’m unclear how I would obtain, or how I would create my own content in a given language when I don’t have fluency in that language? I will look at RWML as well. Thank you for your input.

Never mind after looking at RWML I see how it would be done. Thanks!