How to avoid the line break that comes with splitting an HTML stack in two?

Let’s say I have three buttons in an HTML stack. They are horizontally aligned.

Code is: (I added a space after each “<” so that the code remains visible. Delete it to view on RW)
< button class=“A”>abc< /button>
< button class=“D”>def< /button>
< button class=“G”>ghi< /button>
Now, I need to add a Partial to button G ONLY. So I split the HTML stack above in two separate HTML stacks, with A and D in the first and G in the second.

My problem is that this creates a line break!
How to get rid of the line break?

I don’t have RapidWeaver in front of me right now. My guess is that when you make a stack a partial, it gains an extra <div> wrapper, as a form of an identifier. So your button goes from being an inline element to a block element.

Using a grid or columns stack to place each button within could probably fix this problem. That way even if the element goes from being inline to block, you are assured they still all get displayed on a horizontal axis.

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Hi Will,
I forgot to thank you for your reply. I followed your advice and used the excellent stack.
So thank you for your tip, for the Adaptive Grid stack and keep up the great work!

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