How to backup RW's plugins, stacks, registration

Hello, I need to reset my hard drive, how do I backup all RW’s important info, stacks, plugins and relative licences?

You could use SuperDuper! to back up everything.

I need something more specific to rapidweaver, to backup only RW data.

Yep I thought so, drag and drop sound ok for the stacks and plugins. what about the registration codes of PLUSKIT, also RW itself, can I just paste it from the email realmac sent me when I bought it? @dan

Speaking for Stacks (and all YourHead plugins): I’ve designed the reg codes so that if you use standard backup mechanisms (like Time Machine and Super Duper) you’ll backup your registration info too. Even roll-your-own UNIX backup solutions with rsync and such should work fine.

But I would recommend strongly against trying to copy reg info (or any preferences) by hand. For two reasons:

  1. Generally developers don’t like to discuss the location of their registration info. And it’s often stored in more than a single location. And sometimes moves. Making it a bit obtuse, a bit redundant, and changing things regularly reduces piracy. This means whatever you choose to copy by hand, it’s almost guaranteed to be incorrect eventually.

  2. Preference data in macOS (called the User Defaults system) is now heavily cached. The files are often out of sync from the in-use preferences. This means it’s easy to accidentally delete prefs when manipulating the files by hand.

And if you’d like more specific assistance I’d be glad to work with you privately. But I’m not going to discuss how to copy reg numbers on the forum and would probably ask the forum admins to delete posts that do – sorry, the kids need new shoes, and i gotta eat :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @isaiah, thanks for your reply, I have Stacks and Pluskit, should I get in contact with you through your website?

@davidefan there are lots of ways to reach me:

Slack is probably the most “real time”

But also…