Recovery from hard disk failure

I lost a hard drive and was not backed up. With the help of very accommodating Weaver software suppliers I eventually reconstituted my RapidWeaver application to include all the various stacks and plugins I had accumulated over the years and I upgraded to RW8 at the same time. Just before the Christmas holiday - when I last opened RW - all was well and I looked forward to continuing my current projects which I started today. To my great concern, this time when I opened RW8 none of the addons were present, except stacks. When I tried to reinstall everything from my recent Downloads all looks well but I get a message to say that “older version already exists” but, when I look in Package Contents in the Application folder, they are not there. And they are still not there after I have completed the routine installation procedure. I can only assume that somewhere there is my perfectly reconstituted RW8 which I cannot locate. Any ideas??? Thanking you in advance, David

When you say “addons” what type of addons? Themes, plugins (other than the stacks plugin you said is there), individual stacks. Have you tried a finder or spotlight search? Try searching for the file extension for what you’re missing(.stack for stacks). Chances are you’ll find a folder for RapidWeaver addons that might have everything inside it.

Thanks- I’ll give that a try.

Well, it does show how important it is to make backups. I make a bootable backup every day (and alternate the backup disk) using SuperDuper. With the price of HDDs these days, it doesn’t cost much.

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