Recovery from hard disk failure

(David Rolfe) #1

I lost a hard drive and was not backed up. With the help of very accommodating Weaver software suppliers I eventually reconstituted my RapidWeaver application to include all the various stacks and plugins I had accumulated over the years and I upgraded to RW8 at the same time. Just before the Christmas holiday - when I last opened RW - all was well and I looked forward to continuing my current projects which I started today. To my great concern, this time when I opened RW8 none of the addons were present, except stacks. When I tried to reinstall everything from my recent Downloads all looks well but I get a message to say that “older version already exists” but, when I look in Package Contents in the Application folder, they are not there. And they are still not there after I have completed the routine installation procedure. I can only assume that somewhere there is my perfectly reconstituted RW8 which I cannot locate. Any ideas??? Thanking you in advance, David

(Doug Bennett) #2

When you say “addons” what type of addons? Themes, plugins (other than the stacks plugin you said is there), individual stacks. Have you tried a finder or spotlight search? Try searching for the file extension for what you’re missing(.stack for stacks). Chances are you’ll find a folder for RapidWeaver addons that might have everything inside it.

(David Rolfe) #3

Thanks- I’ll give that a try.

(Peter Danckwerts) #4

Well, it does show how important it is to make backups. I make a bootable backup every day (and alternate the backup disk) using SuperDuper. With the price of HDDs these days, it doesn’t cost much.

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