How to center a page for larger displays?

I recently updated my personal website using Foundation 1 by @joeworkman combine with other stacks to get the page I was looking for. I think is well built and easy to navigate but a friend told me that looks uncentered in his 45 curved monitor. I can’t see what he meant because I work with two 22" monitors. Is there a way to keep the layout centered no matter where is going to be displayed? sorry for the noob question.

this is my page Albertkinng website

Nice layout on my 27" iMac screen. Just an FYI, and this has been discussed in other forums, the black background with “whitish” letters is more difficult to read for older eyes, which is probably not your audience age level. This “dark mode” era we’re in, is not great for us 60’s and older folks. One stacks website takes it a bit far. If you can read it, well, just wait a decade or so. haha.

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You Didn’t notice any abnormal layout? Me neither but my friend told me when he expand the browser corner to corner everything fall apart. Any help will be appreciated.

No problems for me either, even when I set my 27 inch 4K iMac screen to a ridiculously high definition and tiny text :slight_smile:

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Perfect! Thanks

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