Screens: Center Content causes weird scrolling


I’ve got a site I’m using Joe Workman’s Screens stacks on ( I’ve got the “Center Content” option enabled… and when, on a desktop computer, you use the nav to scroll down to a screen… it scrolls a little too far, then rolls back so that the content is centered.

I’ve tried several things to get this NOT to happen, but can’t seem to stop it.

Has anyone else encountered this before? And, if so, do you have any tips for correcting it?


I replied to your support email…

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Thanks, Joe! I’m just now testing the fix you proposed (removing the padding from the Screens pages)… and it’s looking good. I’ll report back (here and in support) when I’m sure it’s a fix!!!

That was indeed the fix. In the settings for the Screen stack itself, I had padding set to 5%. Having padding on the Top & Bottom of the screen was causing the roll back when scrolled to a page. I just changed it to “Detailed Padding” and put my 5% for Left and Right and left the Top & Bottom padding at zero. VOILA! No more weird scroll back!

Thanks @joeworkman!

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