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This might be a bit odd of a post. I am wanting to build a page on my website so that we can take attendance at church easily. I want to use JW’s Page safe, so they can simply go to the page enter the four digit pin and then take attendance.

Problem is, I am having a problem with setting up the important part of the webpage. Does anybody know how I could contact someone that could show me how to do this? Or give me a bid? If this isn’t allowed, then just delete the post (moderator). I need help and don’t really know where to go to. I am surrounded by IT people but they don’t use RW and I want something I can manage, not another problem for down the road if something changes. I’m not technically challenged, I just don’t have the necessary experience.

Even a point in the right direction would be helpful.

PM me if that is the best response.



Hi Dave,

I moved your post over to the category called gigs since you are asking for paid help. If I misunderstood what you want then we can change it back.

You mentioned MySQL but didn’t expand on what you want to do with the data (attendance) once you collect it.

I know @willwood does custom work.

I would first review the Stacks4Stacks offerings (by @willwood ). He may already have something that takes you 50% or more of the way there. If there’s nothing, or you only find something that gets you part way there, then, as @teefers indicates, Will also does custom work.

Put differently, off the top of my head I know of nothing that will do what you want out of the box. I may be forgetting a relevant stack though: there’s a lot of them out there.

Thanks! I appreciate the move. I’m open to non paid help as well. ;]

I basically want to show the database on the webpage, be able to click a box and have it post a date/yes to a sql field for that person and then be able to add 1) number of visitors and 2) add a person to that database on the same page. The data is to be stored in a database that I will then use to report numbers to my oversight committees. It is just a way to keep numbers so we can follow up with people. I think this is possible using a combination of Kuler stacks and forms. But I could be wrong.

Does that make sense?

Kuler is no longer around.

Stacki-it’s @Bill has some mySQL stacks.

I tried his easydb stuff a couple years back but couldn’t get working. He offered support, but I never give remote access to any of my computer’s or share access to hosting accounts. To high risk for me.

Perhaps he’s improved the installation process or you don’t have those concerns.

I have looked at those stacks. It wasn’t something I could use.

To my knowlge and searching the community site that is the only mtSQL product left.

To bad Gary Kuler is no longer doing business, his products really did a nice job.

I couldn’t either, tried every which way…

I read @jay is developing something…

In response to @Konfuzzious: yes, I am currently developing a Stack for CRUD. It works with MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite3 and Postgres.
I am currently busy testing the whole thing before releasing it. Also, the documentation is not quite finished yet (which is an absolute must, since it is not quite self-explanatory). I am also planning to release a Stack to protect open CRUD pages with a Time-based One-Time Password.
@oneblessedguy: Please drop me a PM if you are interested, I might be able assist you in getting your project done!


Thank you! Sending you a PM.

I need something like this too. A two-way sync between a website table and a mySQL database, for in-house stuff.

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“follow”. was looking for some kind of MySQL interface as well. the shot provider lets us create databases, but I don’t want to program a whole bunch.

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Hi Jay,
I had previously tried KulerSQL and also easyDB, but it was either restrictive or the support sucks. Currently I am using a PAID online database service, which is quite costly to me. I am looking for alternatives to build SQL enabled logic to my websites, not just simple CRUD.
Is what you are building able to fill this gap that has always plagued RW. ie. SQL capability implemented as a stack. I think easyDB tried to do that, but it did not live to its claims, and the support was not great - emails always not replied to or extermely late reply. Thanks.
Am looking forward to a good SQL Stacks.

Kind regards,

Before moving to CCB, I used a form (Form Snap) that would save to a Google Sheet and then display the results on a webpage. Would be an easy alternative.

Writing form data to a database or sheets isn’t the real trouble. Reading and updating from those sources is. :wink:

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what you want to achieve could be done with php, the most simple/roots solution. Find a php programmer that does this for you. some stacks might exist, that include a database as backend and some frontend (what the user sees).
You could however also create the functionality in Airtable, and then just “embed” this page into your existing project.
One could also write the backend in google sheets (where you keep track of names, dates, inscriptions, etc. ) and post it in a form.

Yep I know. I can also take out Notepad and start writing my HTML pages like the old days :wink:
But I don’t want to. So much is possible through a good interface these days. I’m surprised that data exchange just isn’t part of it within RW (yet).


Hi, I am still busy with the final testing. However, the documentation and the web-site are already done and available - you just can’t purchase the product yet.



Very much looking forward to using this having read through the documentation !

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Looks promising.

(@jay , Wie es scheint teilen wir ähnliche Leidenschaften :joy:)

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