Stacks won't display any stacks in the panel

I am new to RW and just installed Stacks 2 on OS X 10.7.5.

I cannot use Stacks 3 on this version of OS X.

When I opened RW and selected a stacks page, none of the stacks showed up. I just get a blank box where the stacks should be. This is before I installed any third party stacks. I installed a few 3rd party stacks, then checked in the Finder Window: Macintosh HD/Library/Applications Support/Rapidweaver/Stacks and saw the stacks plugin and the 3rd party stacks I just installed and went back to RW and still get a blank-empty drop-down when I click on the Stacks selection.

This is a fresh install on a new (recently bought used) computer that never had RW or Stacks 2 installed on it.

Any ideas?

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Hi - and welcome to the forums. what version of Rapidweaver are you using? What theme are you using?

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Thank you @manofdogz, I am currently running RW 5. The same thing happens with the all the themes I select.

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What version of RW5? I recall the last version had some mods making it better for 5-6 upgrade, but in other respect had some problems. If you have RW 5.4.1 may be worth jumping back to 5.4 and better still 5.3.2 which was a very stable version. You can see full version history with downloads at

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Can you email me directly at
I have a set up specifically for for 107. It’s a rather old system and definitely behaves differently than newer one. Which exact version of Stacks 2 did you install? I can give it a look, but it’s such a specific problem it’s probably best to email me directly.

Christi Carew
YourHead Software

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I am having the same problem. No stacks that I install (or add-ons) show up in my Stacks library in the left panel AND I get an error message in the editor that says a stack is missing if I use a theme that requires it.

Here’s my environment and here’s what I’ve done so far:

I am running RapidWeaver on a 2015 MacBook Pro with 16 Gb of RAM and a 500 Gb SSD. I am also using Catalina. I let RW manage the location of all add-ons.

  1. I downloaded a copy of RW 8.3 from the Mac store and installed it.
  2. I then purchased Stacks 4.3 and followed the directions and installed it including the serial number. No issues.
  3. I have also purchased Stacks from Elixir, Nick Cates, and Joe Workman. All installed without a hitch

However, when I launch the demo that Nick Cates includes with his Aspen theme and go into edit mode, it tells me his stacks are missing. And, they don’t appear in the Stack listing on the left panel. BUT, when I launch preferences and look at the Add-Ons folder, they ARE there.

So, thinking that perhaps this is a version 8.3 problem and since I already subscribe to SetApp, I uninstalled RW 8.3 and installed RW 8.4 from SetApp. I then installed all of the additional stacks (and I kept getting the error message that these were already installed by I went ahead anyway). I added the Stacks 4.0 serial number. Then attempted to open Nick’s demo file which requires his Aspen stack: no joy. It says it’s missing. It’s not in the Stacks library on the left panel BUT it does show up in the Add-on library in preferences.

This symptom of having the addons window display the addons, but then having a totally different set of addons within Stacks crops up from time to time. Usually I see it after a big OS install or when the user has multiple versions of RapidWeaver installed on the same machine.

There seems to be some confusion inside RW of where the addons actually are being loaded from.

Whatever the cause and details of the problem, I’ve had very good reports of people setting/unsetting the location of RapidWeaver addons directory.

  1. Open a RW file.
  2. Click the Plug icon in the toolbar (addons button) to open the Addons window
  3. Now we’re going to un-set and re-set the addons location. The instructions vary slightly depending one whether you already have a custom location set. So follow choose the correct one below:

If the Addons Folder Location popup-menu-button has a custom folder:

  • Make a note of the location of the addons folder
  • Choose Managed by RapidWeaver
  • Click the “Change Folder” button in the popup that follows.
  • RW will ask you to Quit and Restart
  • After RW restarts click the Plug icon again to open the Addons window
  • Click the popup-menu again. This time re-select your custom folder.
  • Click the “Change Folder” button in the popup that follows.

If the Addons Folder Location popup-menu-button says Managed by RapidWeaver:

  • Choose “Other” and then select select any dummy folder. Your Home folder or Desktop Folder is fine.
  • Click the “Change Folder” button in the popup that follows.
  • RW will ask you to Quit and Restart
  • After RW restarts click the Plug icon again to open the Addons window
  • Click the popup-menu again. This time re-select Managed by RapidWeaver.
  • Click the “Change Folder” button in the popup that follows.
  1. Finally you will be prompted to restart RapidWeaver again.

At this point RapidWeaver should be synced to the folder location and the OS will give it permissions to read the contents of this directory.

Since your previous attempts to install updates and new things might have been going to the wrong place or prevented entirely, I would recommend installing the updates and new stacks again just to be safe.

A fresh copy of Stacks from would be a good idea, if you haven’t already done that…

I would normally also recommend re-downloading a fresh copy of RapidWeaver directly from their respective websites. SetApp normally is quite good at that bit. If you do decide to uninstall/reinstall via SetApp you be care of the “uninstall completely” as it may uninstall your addons as well – so make sure you have a backup copy to re-install after.

If, after this little de-select/re-select dance does not seem to have any changes in the behavior of things
then please contact me directly:

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