Stacks won't display any stacks in the panel

(Guardian Cross) #1

I am new to RW and just installed Stacks 2 on OS X 10.7.5.

I cannot use Stacks 3 on this version of OS X.

When I opened RW and selected a stacks page, none of the stacks showed up. I just get a blank box where the stacks should be. This is before I installed any third party stacks. I installed a few 3rd party stacks, then checked in the Finder Window: Macintosh HD/Library/Applications Support/Rapidweaver/Stacks and saw the stacks plugin and the 3rd party stacks I just installed and went back to RW and still get a blank-empty drop-down when I click on the Stacks selection.

This is a fresh install on a new (recently bought used) computer that never had RW or Stacks 2 installed on it.

Any ideas?

(LJ) #2

Hi - and welcome to the forums. what version of Rapidweaver are you using? What theme are you using?

(Guardian Cross) #3

Thank you @manofdogz, I am currently running RW 5. The same thing happens with the all the themes I select.

(LJ) #4

What version of RW5? I recall the last version had some mods making it better for 5-6 upgrade, but in other respect had some problems. If you have RW 5.4.1 may be worth jumping back to 5.4 and better still 5.3.2 which was a very stable version. You can see full version history with downloads at

(Christi Carew) #5

Can you email me directly at
I have a set up specifically for for 107. It’s a rather old system and definitely behaves differently than newer one. Which exact version of Stacks 2 did you install? I can give it a look, but it’s such a specific problem it’s probably best to email me directly.

Christi Carew
YourHead Software