How to disable predictive type in Inspector CSS?

Is it possible to turn off predictive text in the Page Inspector CSS field? The feature is rather irritating, sometimes it just keeps replacing the text. (Referring to Rapidweaver 6)

Unfortunately not. We’ve substantially tweaked the behaviour so it shouldn’t be as aggressive - which version of RW are you using?


I have Rapidweaver Version 6.3.1 (15010) installed. It might be a nice feature but it replaces the text I’m writing time and again although I really don’t mean to select the suggestion. It feels it’s not working as it should.

Thanks for the report: we’ll take a look. Is it simply replacing the text you’re writing with an inappropriate CSS property? Just want to clarify, as there’s of course text auto-suggestion in OS X now (just like on iOS) :slight_smile:

Oops, I accidentally deleted my reply. Talking too much about deletion… What I was saying:

Yes, it’s been replacing it and I needed to delete text to overwrite. But now that I purposefully test this again, it is not so obtrusive as before. My negative impression probably stems from a previous version. Still I would like to see an option to disable this feature.

Is there a setting in OS X Mavericks for auto-suggestion, or is it just in Yosemite? I don’t see it at work in other apps I’m using. If I’ve seen the option somewhere, I’m sure I’ve disabled it, I just don’t remember it any more.

Just to clarify: Rapidweaver version 6.3.1 seems ok. A drop-down menu opens with the suggestions and no text is forced. I experienced the forced suggestions with previous Rapidweaver versions, I just didn’t report them back then. Sorry about the confusion.

Rapidweaver 6 has some really good features and mostly it’s been great to work with.

No worries! Just wanted to clarify the issue so we knew what wasn’t working for you!