How to display individual URL adresses for images in the URL line

(Peter Kroman) #1


I am working on a project (RW7, Stacks3 and Foundation) where I use the HTML stack to create a zoomable picture viewer within my project. Example here:

When I toggle through the images on the page, the URL stays the same at all times, and what I need is that every image in the stack has its own individual URL so it can be linked to directly.

Is there some way to do that?

(klaatu) #2

What you describe you need is already the case.
Each image will already have a unique URI - how else could your (openseadragon?) plugin find and render the image?

For example:

is located at:

Those images are already there and just being referenced under the hood of the js driving the plugin.

If you cannot locate the images in your hosting side resources then you can always use the network panel in the browser inspector to ascertain the URI being referenced for each image… that tells you where you can locate them.

(Peter Kroman) #3

Thanks @klaatu

I know that each image has it’s own URL - I am using it in the code to show the images in OSD :slight_smile:

But it is not the URL for the image it-self I am after here.
What I am after is when somebody is working om my site and has looked up e.g. Page 45, I need to show a specific URL for page 45 within my page.
An URL that can be copied and pasted into another browser which will go directly the page on my site.

Something like in this example here: