Migration to newer Mac

So, I’ve recently moved to a new Mac. I have all my RW projects and all my themes / extensions backed up and right now am operating on a newer computer with RW installed and the themes accessible – but NOT my old purchases transferred. Which folder(s) am I looking to bring over from the old computer? I expect this is something within Library but could someone describe what to import selectively in order to be working as I was before? Many thanks.

You would want to have your “Addons folder” back.

Go to:
RW / View / Reveal Addons folder and copy that whole folder.

…I placed mine on iCloud so I always have it at hand when I’m working with different computers but you can also just put it back to the same place where it was on the old computer. Just copy/follow that path…

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When moving from one Mac to another you should always use the Apple Utility “Migration Assistant” - it’s in the Utilites folder. It’s the easy and best way.


@1611mac …it just seems he already set up his new Mac so copying the Addons folder seemed to make more sense. Otherwise I totally agree with you in using the Migration Agent.

I agree… I post about Migration Assistant as info hoping other may see… Seems nobody knows about, or forgets, Migration Assistant.

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You know, I actually used Migration Assistant! But I did it in two phases (as the first time it failed): once with the files and settings, then the apps, but for some reasons all is not as it should be. I’m honestly tempted to try building up a new profile again and starting over. But I will look in this folder first to see what’s going on…

Issue now is, I’ve realised, I cannot get to this Library file on my external drive. Any tips?

I’ve found that now by using SHIFT - COMMAND - . All transferred and correctly working.

So, where is the “best” place for this folder, though?

Maybe in the same location as on the “old” computer…check where that was and create/place the new one in the same as on the “new” computer?

Like I wrote above, I have it on my iCloud and have access to it from various computers. You could use Dropbox too. Or just simply save it locally following the path of the old (normal) location.

Generally when you install RW and start it up it will make a folder on your computer (Managed by RW) so there should already be a folder there. All you would have to do is copy the exported folder contents into the existing one.
Open up a RW project and on the top right you will see a button called: ADDONS.
In the popup click: REVEAL IN FINDER…that’s the folder you’re working with, what you need. Where you can paste the Stacks etc.

Obviously quit and restart RW…then you should have everything back :wink:

I don’t need them in iCloud or Dropbox (just using a single Mac). I placed mine as a folder in Documents called RapidWeaverAddOns. Just made it easy to find instead of hidden in a library.

Another option is to leave in the default location and just make an alias and place where handy such as your side panel.

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