How to edit publishing path

I am a complete newbie to RapidWeaver. I’m trying to create a web site very quickly using my iMac and High Sierra. Things are going fairly well, but when I set up the publishing info for my site I got the path wrong. Now whenever I update my site the info from RapidWeaver goes into the wrong directory on the server and I have to use a File Manager to put it in the right place. There is a feature of RapidWeaver to edit publishing data, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to alter the exact upload path while keeping all the other FTP details the same.

Can anyone help?

On the right sidebar, bottom , below the the pages there should be a publishing Section.

There’s also an drop down arrow on the publishing button.

Yes I see that - but how do you just change the a path to the correct directory on the server when it isn’t shown? Sorry but I must have missed it somehow.

I’ve seen that video, but it doesn’t cover the issue of making a mistake about the exact destination on the server while getting the other details right, such as the user name and FTP password. I think now that what you do is to just do it all again, choosing the right directory on the server, and then delete the original entry. This would not be necessary if the path was shown in the editing window for the publishing data. As far as I can see, I imagined a facility that doesn’t exist. But the workaround works, so on we go.

(I do find the lack of proper help files or a manual very difficult - that video for example is over six minutes long and almost all of it is irrelevant to my particular query - so it is not an efficient learning resource for the fine detail. Sorry for the minor rant here.)

What version of RW?

In RW 8, you can edit those things in the Publishing settings in the left-hand inspector.

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