RW is adding weird info to Publishing settings

(Christopher Powers ) #1

I have multiple sites I’m working on and am using the same hosting company for each.
For whatever reason, in the Publishing settings where the path is for the directory RW is adding information that isn’t making sense.
So, if the path is / RW is showing it as / 24 15:50 www/.
I have tried other FTP clients and none of them are showing the path as having that misc info.
I have uninstalled and re-installed RW and have tried just making a new project, but for whatever reason, the issue persists.
Please help.

(Doug Bennett) #2

Try clearing the path, and select browse button. Select the www directory and see what happens.

(Christopher Powers ) #3

I have done that. It still brings up the “www” with the added info.

(system) #4

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