How to gate content behind a contact form in RW

Hi there,
I am curious how to gate content behind a contactform in Rapid Weaver. I want to create a “read more…” button which leads the reader to a form which he has to fill in to continue reading the article. I found the free plugin from Stacks4stacks called readmore, but that doesnt give me option to link. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

In Formloom4 after the reader submits the form you can return a custom reply page thanking the reader for the input. This reply page could be the remainder of the article.

Thanks for the info ( even with a screenshot! :smiley:)
I see online that I have to buy the complete Formloom 4 package, which might be an option indeed.
But maybe there is also another option wich be more affordable for me?

Formsplus can also do redirect on success:

I’ve also tested the Foundry Forms and the in built forms in RW and as far as I can tell, these do not do redirects after submit.

Exactly the problem that the redirect is missing from the standard form in RW. Redirect on succes is even a more fluid solution indeed