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I’m wondering how i get help from RW. I have tried everything to get my website published, including the recommendations from RW, and it is going on 2 weeks now and still can’t publish. I sent the logs in and got one or two suggestions and then nothing. It’s been 2 days since I replied to RW that their suggestion didn’t work. I had RW5, unknowingly upgraded my computer to Catalina and stopped having access to RW5. Bought RW8 and most recommendations were to start from scratch again, which I did. I’m not a graphic designer or a computer geek so this has been laborious. RW told me there would be no problem publishing over old website. HA!! the support has been awful. I’m ready to close the whole thing down which I don’t want to do. not having any help has been extremely frustrating. one suggestion was to find someone local to help, really??? I live in a small town and don’t know anyone who is familiar with RW. this is a combination of venting, frustration and plea for help.

It looks like your previous topic was mostly around upgrading from RW 5 to RW 8. If you’ve done that and just need publishing support, the folks here could probably get you sorted out…

What would likely be needed:

  • a URL
  • what is happening when you can’t publish (i.e. what is the error message)?
  • who is your host?
  • what are your publishing settings (a screenshot is probably best, with no passwords visible)

well, I’m in shock, I looked at the forum messages and someone said they changed their publishing from FTP to FTPS. I figured it was worth a try and it worked. So I tried it and it worked. after all this, why would the server say FTP and not FTPS? any way, looks like I might have worked it out, thanks! and thanks to the person who posted that. and why couldn’t someone from RW make that suggestion? and why does little oak say use FTP? a puzzle.


We all use different hosts who employ different requirements on publishing.
There is no “this is the exact way to publish” and RW gets a lot of blame from users either not reading their hosts requirements of for hosts unexpectedly changing them.

When asking for help it’s best to state who you host with so that other users who host with them can contribute, don’t assume we all do it the same way.


Same thing has happened to me Marianne.

I received a few canned replies, then was told to send the logs in, then complete silence from them…

Still can’t publish.

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