How to I set image size on a Styled Text page?

In RapidWeaver 8, I have run into an unexpected roadblock. I have set up a Styled text page with a mixture of text and images. I copied the images into my Resources and from there onto my page after adding the text.

But how do I set the display size and text flow for each image? In older versions of RW, can remember right-clicking on the image and getting a height,width and flow that I could modify. The Inspector sidebar is no help either, because I don’t see anything for the image, rather than for the page as a whole.

I’m no styled text expert.

But double-click on the image. You should get a window. If you unclick scale image you can set the size there.

Then to flow the image left or right, select the image and click the < > on the bottom.

Keep in mind this is a poor way to resize images for the web. You will still load the full-size image and it will be much slower.

You are better off resizing outside of rapidweaver. You can use the preview (built-in to MacOS). then go to
Tools>Adjust Size…

If you leave the lock adjusting the height or width will keep their proportions.

Thanks so much! That works.

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