How to identify missing stack RW8

It looks like all my stacks are there, but it shows at least one missing, but I don’t see how to identify the missing stack.

First off, the Stacks plugin is identical for RapidWeaver 7 and RapidWeaver 8 – so aside from the features that RW 8 adds, the primary functionality for Stacks should be the same in both apps.

When a stack is missing you’ll see a display like the one shown in the screenshot below:

  • the stack itself shows redish candy-stripes
  • there is a yellow warning triangle in the title area.
  • the info sidebar will display a Stack Not Installed

The specific warning and other information provided will depend a bit on upon both the stack and the file.

Most stacks tend to look like the screenshot I’ve displayed. This is the default warning and info, but developers can customize this info if they feel the need.

Often clicking the Info button will take you to the developer’s website for info about the stack to help you locate it. Or, if you need to, to help you contact the developer to re-acquire it.

Stacks stores this info inside the project file for each stack that you use. In the event that the stack is uninstalled, this bit of info is used to display these warnings.

If the file is a very old one… prior to the time when Stacks added the feature to store this extra info (about 2 years ago) then there is a chance that you’ll see a more generic message. In this case it can be a bit more challenging to reconstruct what is missing. If you do run into that situation, let me know and we can try to give you more specific assistance with the file. :smiley:


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