Help with formatting text in stacks similar to a word doc

I am using stacks 3 and I do have paragraph pro from white duck. I am having issues formatting similar to a word document. Is there anything out there that will give me that capability?

Formatting is built into your theme and theme settings. You can change with CSS code or HTML, and Paragraph Pro will also let you change some settings. What exactly do you mean by “similar to a word doc”?

You do know about about the standard “Bold” and “Italic” tools… right? Do you mean something more complex? What do you mean specific as for “formatting?”

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@1611mac @LSPhoto

I am referring to indent, bullets, etc. I don’t think I am asking for a lot just basic formatting. Similar that you would do with a text document etc.

Yes, you can do that. In a basic theme, you can, as @1611mac Greg says, use the basic formatting options (shown in screenshot below), however most of us will use Stacks to do certain things, or add code to customize. You also have the settings that come with Paragraph Pro. Again, though, it also depends on what theme you are using and what options it has.
Example: I am using this stack Lister | Stacks4Stacks for bulleted lists, but there are a bunch out there from different developers.


so I can’t type into it like a word document and have the indentions and word type of formatting? If you look at the pictures I am referring to the typing not the picture or the side bar. Like indent, spacing etc. like a word or text document type of thing. That is what I am referring too not the picture of the quote on the side.

You know the saying, “There’s an app for that?” In reference to smart phones?

Same thing applies for RW. There’s a stack for that. There is a bit more work involved because you either have to code everything into one stack, or use separate stacks for each indent, type style, size, etc. Each stack can have borders, background colors, margins, padding and the list goes on depending on which stack.

So for example, separate out your text into different stacks. Use a margin on the left for the indents.

thank you for all your help. I figured that is what I would have to do which is time consuming. it is funny that it can show up when I am typing it and it looks correct but when I publish it all goes to the left. Maybe it is time for someone to invent a word processing stack? Hint hint @joeworkman

No, you should NEVER put text formatted from Word into a website, it can cause MAJOR formatting issues.


You need to paste as plain text or you will have problems as @zeebe said.

Since you are use Paragraph Pro, you can use the settings that came with the stack instead of the RW basic formatting.

@zeebe I understand that I am wanting to format it like I would a word document.

But if you are cutting and pasting from Word, it could come in with formatting, that is why you need to paste as plain text.

your missing what I am saying. I always paste in plain text. but I still need it to be formatted in the same way. otherwise it is all left, centered or right justified. I can’t indent for a new paragraph, use bullets etc. that is what I mean. I know I can’t cut and paste. I am wanting something that I can format similar to a word document and when I upload it will look similar to a word document not just a web page.

I can indent etc into stacks but once I publish it all goes away. in the stack it looks great, until publish

I’m not missing what you’re saying… As long as you know you need to paste as plain text, yes, you can do all those things, though you have to understand that things will look differently on different sized screens.

I am a graphic designer and I had to learn I could not do things the way I do in print. It took a while to click in my head. I think you’re fighting it.

There are several settings that overlap. Your theme has settings. Your stack has settings. Double click on a text stack and there are settings for the text inside the stack. There’s the RW basic formatting settings. Everything will behave differently on different screen sizes. You’ve got to pick one and not set anything else.

If you’re using Paragraph Pro, you should be able to ignore everything except your theme settings and that stack’s settings.

You have to make sure you’re not overlapping settings.

oh ok now that is making sense. so If I am using paragraph pro with say a theme flood theme, with stacks 3 I have to make sure that the formatting is following the paragraph pro settings and stacks and the theme have to be eliminated?

This is a screenshot of your theme settings: You pick the body font for the theme. There may be other style settings.

This is a screenshot of your Paragraph Pro settings: You can stick with the theme settings or override. You should not need anything else except possibly a margin indent on the stack of text you want to indent.

and what my stacks look like:

Hi @garyp,

First off you should know that a bullet list is a list in HTML not a paragraph. So it should be in its own stack.

In fact, to do things right, each paragraph should be in its own stack. A carriage return or line feed does not create a paragraph tag. Nor does it give proper paragraph spacing.

Start by putting each paragraph in its own stack and see if that doesn’t get you closer.

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There’s also stacks for block quotes and if you want to indent a paragraph in HTML you add padding to the left side of the paragraph there’s no “tab” in HTML.


That greatly depends on content. If you have a report that is 50 paragraphs long and all the same in style I think having each paragraph as a stack is poor advice. I do complete reports in one regular text stack. But it is pure simple running text. But the point is… there is no “right” way… it greatly depends on the content.

Additionally, the bullet list works great in a normal text stack right along with other text.