Mixing RW and Stacks Pages

Sorry for the newbie question. In the same site, can I mix RW pages (like Styled text) and Stacks pages? Using RW 8, Stacks 4, Wilderness theme


If I understand the question, you can have any type of page(Plugin) you want on a given project. So you can have a page that is styled text and a page that is a stack and a page that is a Blog, etc. all on the same site.

If you get used to using stacks, you will find there’s little need for a styled text page.


As @teefers says: yes you can, but the question to you is why would you? The shockingly un-evolved mediocrity of the plain RW page is surely going to be irrelevant to most when set against the capabilities exposed by the saviour of RW (Stacks).

If there is a USP for a RW page over a Stacks page I’m all ears.

You can also use the RWSkinz theme by Themeflood (@willwood) . It will allow you to have pages that are all stacks and pages that are themed. It also has something like a gazillion extraContent areas on the themed page. I’ve only been playing around with it so far, but it’s a lot of fun and there are many options.

EDIT: also, there are a number of free Themeflood stacks that will work with the RWSkinz theme. The ones I’ve used so far (Gator, Zonal) are really cool.

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