How to move RW7 from MacBookPro to iMac

I’m having problems with my MacBook Pro so I need to transfer RW7 to my iMac. But I wish to do this carefully. Can I have RW7 on two Macs or do i need two licences? I would prefer to make sure that everything is working properly before I sort out my MacBook Pro out. Backing up is not an option at present or migration. I still have RW 5+6 on the iMac which I no longer use. RW7 was upgraded from RW6 originally. have tried installing RW7on iMac, but will not accept my password!

Any practicable suggestions.



Assuming you purchased RapidWeaver directly from Realmac, you’re license covers running on two Macs.
When you mentioned password, not sure what you meant. If it’s the license key, then you would need to contact Realmac support and get that resolved.
Once you get the base product up and running on your second Mac, then you’ll want to look at putting your addons on something like Dropbox so you can share them between both computers.


Thanks for the response. I did mean licence not password? It had been a long day!!! Have read your item on Dropbox and certainly will consider using Dropbox when my current issue is resolved.



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