How to protect a photo album page by password

In my website, I have some photo album page and I would like protect one with a password.
I try with private eyes but it doesn’t work with photo album. I bought page safe but I don’t understand how to make it.
I have a text in a stack page and there I want add the possibility of introduce a password. If it’s the good one, go in my hidden (not in the menu) photo album page.
My website :

Thanks for you help

Lockdown works well for me, not tried it on a Photo page specifically but should work on a Stacks page and you can try before you buy.

It did take a while to get my head round it but once I did it’s very easy to use.

Thank you Dave, it works with my photo page !
And I check with Safari (iMac) but also Safari with my iPhone, very good.

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Just revisiting this, I needed to use Lockdown as simple protection for a single page and found it’s not working with RW8.3, I fired off a support email and until I hear back I found this -

It uses 2 simple files made in TextWrangler, .htaccess and .htpasswd placed in the directory of the page you want to protect - it’s nothing complicated if you’re happy using FTP/SFTP and works well for basic protection.