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On one of my sites I use passwotd protection (a 4 digits number). Of lately I get “wrong password” when I try to open the site and if I try to open one of the pages with a direct link no password is required. I wish to delete all references to password and then start over again. How can I achieve this ? Furthermore, if I try to open my website through the RW8 app I only get to a December 2014 page, “end of story”. To open the updated website I need to print in the correct address to get to the one page from which I can navigate. In other words, it’s all messed up. I checked with Realmac support who suggest to check with the password supplier Joe Workman. Haven’t done this so far but perhaps that is the way to go.
Appreciate your comments.
Regards Bernt

What password protection stack are you using?

What do you mean when yo say you open your website using RW8, do you mean you are opening the RW project file?

Is you website live, if so what is the URL?

Joe Workman - Page Safe.
I’m using the RW8 app to open and that open only through December 2014. My site is Direct link to get to the updated site is and no password is required for this page. Password for the page is 1962. Sometimes, if password is required I’m told that password is incorect.

OK, if this is the password page you are talking about, then this is NOT a Joe Workman Page Safe login, it looks more like a Server Side login?

My passwordpage looks like a keyhole which opens with the correct password.

When I click on the link you posted for the password protected page,

and click on Log in, it does not take me to the Pagesafe page.

This page: Log In | Gam Bay

Which seems to be the log in page, is even not a stacks page.

The password pop up shown there is a JavaScript (!) “password protection”, so at the end, frankly speaking, useless.

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