How to save the whole website online?

Hello , since my website is completet based on my home computer…i like to do 2 things:

Save the whole site online - is this possible ?
After that - being able to edit also online ?

The reason why i would like to do that is, if something happens to my personal computer i loose all my data, which would be a disaster. Additionally my company members can also edit the website from their office.

Any concrete ideas ?

Thank you very much for your help in this important matter

Bottom line: you can’t do what you want.

First, a bit about terminology. Of course you can save the whole site online: that’s what web design is about! I believe what your really want is to EDIT the site online: not possible. But save/publish online: not a problem.

So, what you really want is to edit the RW project file. I don’t know the costs with multiple people but they all need Macs and they all need the same plugins/stacks.

Can you avoid the disaster scenario? Absolutely. RapidWeaver has a very very nice option under Publishing. You can set Backup Frequency. I have it set to once a day, but you can also set it to “every time i publish”. Or “once a week”. It then sends a zipped version of your project file to be stored securely at your hosting site. It also provides a button for downloading the backup if needed.

If you have multiple people editing, however, lots of issues can crop up. People make mistakes. The more people, the greater the likelihood of mistakes entering into the project file. I protect myself (from myself) by creating a set of archived versions of a project file. I typically change about once a month but it could be more frequently if you need to. So instead of a project named mywebsite.rw8, I’ll have mywebsite-2019-05.rw8 and then mywebsite-2019-06.rw8. This doesn’t eliminate the possibility of mistakes, but certainly minimizes it.

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The other thing you should definitely do is make sure that you have adequate backups locally.

Buy an external hard drive (or two, or three) from OWC. Then download, buy and install a cloning utility like SuperDuper.

You should then back up your entire Macintosh HD at least once a day to each of your external volumes, preferably locating each of them in a different place if you’re worried about possible ‘disasters’.

And of course get another hard drive and make sure you have Time Machine configured to back up your main hard drive regularly. Good luck!

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