How to sell something in our website?

Hello, I want to sell some souvenirs on my website. But when you look at the e-commerce stacks, they are all using Paypal, Stripe, etc. But these services are not available in my country. How can I sell something?

What payment services are available in your country? It might help us to know what country you are in!

The simplest solution would be to have no shopping cart. Just use your website to catalogue the items you have for sale. Have people contact you by phone or email with a list or purchase order of what they want to buy. Then you can arrange payment away from the website, like cheque or wire transfer.

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I live in Turkey. In generally we are using Credit Card. We can’t buy anything with Paypal, Stripe etc. maybe Skrill works I don’t know exactly.

Thank you for the suggestion btw.

Credit cards need a payment gateway for merchants to get paid.

Paypal and Stripe both accept credit cards, and process the payment and credit the merchant. These are probably the two most popular payment processors available. I’ve heard this before that Turkey doesn’t allow Paypal.

There are other payment processing companies, but I don’t know if you can find one that works with any of the current RW products that works in Turkey.

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Perhaps ask if your bank provides any sort of payment gateway or who they recommend? If they have support for physical terminals in shops (like chip and pin machines) then they may also offer the option of virtual terminals for online payments.

You almost certainly want the transaction to be completed securely on your bank’s website. I would strongly advise against collecting card details on your own website and trying to put orders through.

Doing card processing on your own website is a massively complexity. You have to be something called ‘PCI compliant’ and this has lots of complexities and liabilities attached to it! Things like special security certificates are needed for your website, so the cost can easily increase ten-fold.

You’d be better off trying to piggy-back an existing payment merchant or gateway, rather than trying to build your own. Perhaps see what your competitors are using on their websites.

The advantage of PayPal and Stripe in the past is that they have simplified the process for sellers and take care of all the complexities on your behalf. So you would be better trying to find the Turkish equivalent of PayPal. Or my suggestion of doing order processing away from the website.

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Someone on my Discord live chat thinks that Mal’s e-commerce is supported in Turkey:

Not a stack or a RapidWeaver plugin. You maintain your store on Mal’s and paste the ‘add to cart’ buttons into your website.

Mal’s e-commerce don’t process card payments - again they rely on a payment gateway like PayPal / Stripe etc.

Here is an extensive list of all the gateways and payment processors they support:

I would be surprised if there were none on this list that did not work in Turkey.

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Thank you guys I will read your all suggestions. :pray:

It looks like ECWID has at least one gateway that lists Turkey.

If you didn’t know they(ECWID) have a free plugin for RapidWeaver. They also have a free (10 product limited) plan.

There is also a set of stacks available:


@teefers is correct, Ecwid has one payment processor in Turkey, 2Checkout.

If you are using Stacks 3.5-4.x, the Axyn Ecwid Stacks make setting up Ecwid eCommerce a snap. You can actually display a whole Ecwid store with a single stack, the “Ecwid Store Stack”. But the power of the Axyn Ecwid Stacks comes as lots of control and customization of the look and behavior of the Ecwid Store. You can define colors, fonts, what and how things display, amongst many other things. You can make the Ecwid store have the look and feel that fits your web design. The Axyn Ecwid Stacks, work with all the RW frameworks: UIKIT3, Source, Foundation 1 and 6, Foundry, Platform etc. You don’t need the plugin nor should it be used in a project that uses the Ecwid Stacks.

The process is simple: Click here to open a free Ecwid Store, once you created your store, you can find the store ID# at the bottom of the Ecwid Dashboard. Once you have this ID, and you have the Axyn Ecwid Stacks, plop the Ecwid Store Stack onto your page, enter the store ID into the stacks parameters, and that’s it! You can already preview your store in RW. After, that you can use the other Axyn Ecwid Stacks to customize and control the look and feel of your store.




Hello everyone ,

Here it is two new UIKit3 and Source projects showing how simple and quick it is to setup an Ecwid Store using the Axyn Ecwid Stacks. These example show you how to start with just ONE stack, two stacks and the with lots customizations

Here they are:

Have fun and let’s help the food industry worldwide!!




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