How to set up an open web page

(Neal Tobochnik) #1

I play Bridge once per week. However we never know who will sho up. So I want to set up a web site where people can leave messages like " Mary-I will be there this Friday or Jim-I’ll be late.The messages should be dated. Anyone should be able to see the site.

Any ideas on how to do this?

(Doug Bennett) #2

A website might be overkill for what you are talking about. maybe something like a message group would work better. Never tried GroupMe but it’s free.

(Rob Beattie) #3

Or just set up a Whatsapp group on your smartphones?

(Neal Tobochnik) #4

These are possibilities but I really want to do this in RW.

(Doug Bennett) #5

You would need one of the many CMS options available. You would need to give each person login credentials, they would need to open a web browser, and log in, and make updates.

(David) #6

Perhaps a stack that draws in a Google sheet like Gridiron?

(scott williams) #7

Or maybe embed a Google Calendar? and a button that links to it to add a comment on that date.

(Neal Tobochnik) #8

All these suggestions are a bit complicated to set up and seem aimed toward scheduling.

All I want is a text window to pop up showing previous entries. Anyone can add to the list of entries.201807190_2307-CapturFiles

(Rob Beattie) #9

Then use one of the inexpensive CMS stacks like Kuler Edits or Sentry. Give everyone the same log in. Then they just go to the page, click the padlock, login, add their bit of text to the text window, save and exit. Don’t know how these stacks would cope with two people trying to do the same thing at the same time though.

Alternatively, use MicroBlog to embed a Tumblr blog in RW and people can email in their availability - Tumblr has a feature whereby you can email in blog entries and you as the admin get to approve them.


(Jannis from inStacks Software) #10

That’s a typical use case for a WhatsApp group.

Remember you do not get notifications when someone enters text in that CMS.

(Doug Bennett) #11

Don’t know why you’re trying to do this with RapidWeaver or any website. These type of “messages” Don’t appear to have any privacy concerns. (WhatsApp is Facebook, GroupMe is Microsoft) And even if if they did a website is probably not the best solution.

(Neal Tobochnik) #12

Or how about this: I have an add-on called contact form. This could gather the info. It normally sends it to me as an e-mail. Is there any way to capture the text and print it on a stylized text page?

(Doug Bennett) #13

No way I know of. And you’d be allowing ANYONE including hackers and spammers to flood you with messages.

(Jason Bostick) #14

You could try embedding a guestbook maybe? I don’t have any recommendations on a specific one as I don’t use them but I imagine you could find free ones.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #15

Could set up a Mootable forums with the Stacks4Stacks stack:

(system) #16

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