Iframe and You Tube

After a long gap, I’m updating my daughter’s site, using seydesign cre4my theme and RW5.4.

EasyTube Gallery no longer functions (it’s gone), so I thought I’d enbed her YouTube page using an iframe page, but it won’t work. It does on the edit page, but not on preview or when uploaded. I’ve tried https and http, same with both. Our own e-commerce site embeds fine.

Anyone else experienced this and are there any fixes?

I’m on an older MacBook Pro running OS 10.9.2 and a limited budget so not upgraded to avoid hardware issues.


Try the free uTube stack for individual video embeds:

Or to embed an entire channel, try the free uTubeChannel stack:

  • Both are free, so suitable for a limited budget
  • Compatible with SeyDesign themes and most other themes
  • Works with Stacks 2 / Mac OS 10.9 / RW 5.4

YouTube does also provide embed code for individual video’s, playlists and channels. Just click the Share link under the video or playlist. However these don’t always work in RapidWeaver and have limited ability to customise or make responsive.