Html 5 not working correctly on smart phone

I have the html5 stacks add on by joe workman. The site I’m dealing with is an adult website selling clips. The previews are running fine on most browsers and the folder route is www/preview/clip.mp4 However in the membership folder the flow being www/verotelmembership/mp4/clip.mp4 the clips are playing ok on most browsers but when it come to smart phones they are very erratic with some playing some not playing and some showing “error in loading”
Now Im not too sure if the folder which was set up by verotel is anything to do with it as there are codes in place for people to log into that folder. I did try putting a folder in the same place as the previews and that work perfectly but not sure about security. Help would be most appreciated

For help, a link is required…

HI Paul its a bit difficult sending you a link as it means I would have to publish and that means customers would not be able to see the clip. From what Ive said in the original message would it give you any indication what the problem could be?

What code are you using to protect the files and provide login capabilities?

First, not Paul, but Robb. Next, you list the Path of where the videos are, but are they already on your server?? Or are they not published on the web anywhere?? They need to be published on the site or transferred to a server somewhere for it to work.

oops Sorry Rob! The mp4 files are already set up on the server in the verotel-members file. I was just giving an example of how many files where involved.
Hi Brandon The members file was set up by verotel-what code is involved I haven’t a clue however I have been in touch with verotel and waiting for a reply. Heres is a typical link
There are over 100 clips around 25 on each page

Not sure why but your URL got edited by the forums.

I edited lol. As mentioned its an adult website. however if I sent you the correct link it will ask for the customers password so this is where I think I have the problem and in turn thats why the clips wont play because the code is getting the way so to speak-if that makes sense

If you want, you can PM me the address so it is not out here