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I am trying to insert code provided by another site to show that my site is verified by that site. I pasted their code into a Paragraph Pro stack that already has text in it on the About page. It does not show up though when published. I pasted the code below but it isn’t showing up.

The code is as follows:

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 ```Why did you not use an html stack?

The usual problem with pasted code is curly quotes caused by not pasting using Cmd-Shift-V and not using ‘ignore formatting’.

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Some apps change quotes to curly quotes by defalut – so if the code is pasted to a note app or similar before pasning it to RapidWeaver & a Stack – the code won’t work.

Luckily RapidWeaver has a ‘remove smart quotes’ feature.

This could be the problem – but could also be so much more …

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