HTML5 Audio stack (Joe Workman)

Hello everyone…

Recently, I updated the HTML5 Audio stack from 3.2.3 to the latest 3.3.1
But now the “Controls skin” settings in the “Inspector” panel no longer work!
It is not possible to change the different colors…

Thanks for your help.

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When I overhauled the underlying libraries in v3.3. They seemed to ignore the color settings. I have a bug filed but have not had time to look into it. If you need an older version back, shoot in an email to support.


Thanks a lot Joe Workman for your answer…
I do not need an older version since I kept it during the purchase.
Thanks again…

Hello to all the community
The problem is exactly the same for the latest version of the HTML5 Video stack (4.4.2).
The “Controls skin” settings in the “Inspector” panel no longer work!
Hoping for an update next …
Thank you

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