HTML5 Audio and Video stacks - skin settings (Joe Workman)

Hello everyone and Mr Workman,
It’s been 2 years now, the “Controls skin” settings in the “Inspector” panel does not work !
It is not possible to change the different colors…
Hoping for updates next …
Thank you

I’m not sure if you are using Foundation 6, if you are you can style the audio player using swatches.

If not, you can use a bit of css code in the page inspector css panel. A quick demo here, awful colours bit you can see how the css is styling the player.

I don’t have the html5 Video player, but styling is probably similar.

/* text */
.mejs__time {
color: red;

/* container background */
.mejs__container {

/* timeline remaining */
.mejs__time-total {

/* timeline run */
.mejs__time-current, .mejs__time-handle-content {

/* volume slider */
.mejs__horizontal-volume-total {
background-color: purple;

Many thanks Ruyton for your work, codes and screenshot …
I don’t have Foundation 6.
/ * container background * / works, but not other CSS codes.

It would still be good to update these 2 stacks and above all it would be easier …
“S’il vous plait” Mr Joe Workman :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you again for your help.

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If you are wanting help with CSS, it’s best to provide a URL to a test page and description of what you want to do.

Right now the only folks that can help are people that have those stacks and want to take the time to create a page to work with.

For now, I use the 2 stacks (audio and video) on versions older than 2 years because the “Skin controls” settings work.
But I haven’t benefited from the updates for 2 years now.
I would actually like to get the same CSS codes that Ruyton offers me, but adapted to these 2 stacks, and finally be able to use the up-to-date versions.
I repeat myself being a little insistent, the best would be that JW update these 2 stacks with operational “Controls skin” settings.
JW replied to me 2 years ago and also 1 year ago that he would try to find the time …

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These are the Foundation 6 swatches I’m using. Oee Font Color and the rest are background swatches. These are the classes. I’m adding them manually into the swatch CSS selector section.


.mejs__time-current, .mejs__time-handle-content




Thank you for Foundation 6 users.
Hope someone can point out the CSS codes for users of Joe Workman’s HTML5 audio and video stacks.

My problem is this:
I’m am using Foundry in stacks and all was going well and completing my web site.
I downloaded “HTML5Video” from Weaver Space. I clicked it and now the icon for Foundry is missing from my stacks. Which means I can’t finish the website.

The “HTML5Video” app is missing.
I deleted everything and reinstalled but still no Foundry icon in the reinstall.
I just don’t know where this question!

sciphil Walter, your comment is out of place in this topic, it would be better to create a new topic for your problem.

Suddenly, we move away from the initial topic / problem which is at the head of this topic and a copy below.


I believe Gary @Ruyton is using Joe’s HTML5 audio and video stacks with Foundation 6.

And again if you want CSS help:

If not good luck with your problem.

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Walter (@sciphil),

Not sure what you mean by “Foundry Icon”, could you please elaborate on whats is missing?

In reply to @teefers
To me, it seems to me that a page test is useless …

I would like only the right CSS codes to customize the colors of JW video and audio players.
Above all, I would have preferred an update expected from JW to correct the faulty stacks (controls skin settings).
I remind you that JW replied to me 2 years ago and also 1 year ago that he would try to find the time to update them.

@teefers you are referring to Gary @Ruyton, he says the opposite of what you say, he doesn’t have Joe’s HTML5 video stack.

Finally thank you for participating in the topic


You know nothing about CSS then.

Again this is why:

#If you had every laid down a single line of CSS code on your own, you would understand why having a test page is what is needed for you to get help.

Once again, you are WRONG, the selectors he is showing you are for the HTML audio stack:

I’ve spent enough time on this, you obviously don’t want help. The time I spent on answering your nonsensical replies I could have given you the fix you are after.
If you have an issue with Joe’s not fixing one of his stacks than I’d suggest you go over to his site and fill out a support request.

Good Luck with your issue

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I just shipped an update to HTML5 Video to fix the custom player styles.


@teefers, this is what I was going to write: “Done, I’m tired!”
“Thanks to you for the link of JW’s html5 audio stack”.

But at the time of writing: Mr. Joe Workman announces that he has updated the HTML5 video Stack,


I believe that I am not the only one who is happy.
In addition the HTML5 audio stack has also been updated.

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In response to what I meant by the icon. It’s the image of the foundry in the stacks pile is missing.

Still not sure what exactly you mean when you say “the image of the foundry in the stacks pile is missing”. What is the “stacks pile”? Are you talking about the stacks library? What is “image of the foundry”? Are you talking about the single foundry stack? Foundry comes with a lot of stacks, are they all missing or just the one?

Perhaps some screenshots of what you are looking at might help.

Did you restart your Mac once after the installation?

Just for your information @joeworkman:
Updates to HTML5 video v4.6.0 and HTML5 audio v3.4.0 stacks are not available in Rapidweaver 7 Stacks Updater window

best regards, Hubert

V.3.4.0 of HTML5 Audio showed up in the Stacks updater for me and was successfully updated in RW8.