Https messes with ExtraContent and/or PlusKit?

Can anyone help me find out what is wrong with my Blog page? Since PlusKit 4 my blogpage works beautiful in http. I bought my ssl certificate and then something strange happens. Through @import an image is put in ExtraContent 1 in the blog page. I work with Flexer (Multithemes).

I’m thinking that it has something to do with the ExtraContents as I encountered another problem with https.
I’ve put my phone/email etc in ExtraContent2, but in https it went in the body of the page. Again, in http it was all perfect. Meanwhile I made a workaround and put it in the footer.

The Blog issue still remains. What could be the problem and is there a solution?

This is the lay-out in http and how it should look:
And in https:

Regards, Lisette

@Lis Hi Lisette kan jou spijtig genoeg niet mee helpen maar wou toch even zeggen dat je een geweldige mooie site hebt (how it should look natuurlijk). Ook geweldige mooie inhoud/ biografie. Top!!

Hi @Lis,

I don’t understand @TINO’s response, so perhaps he’s already said this, but you’re trying to load http content over https. Web browsers don’t like this.

If you open the Developer Tools in your browser, and take a look at the Console, you’ll see a bunch of messages that look something like this:

What this means is you need to look for every instance of http:// in your project (including in your Web Address in General Settings, and any global code areas) and replace them with https://. This won’t have any impact when loading the non-secure version of your site, but will allow everything to work when the secure version of your site is loaded.

You can use the Project Search feature in the new RapidWeaver 7.3 beta to find every http:// link. :wink:



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@simon Hi Simon, no I told her that she have a good looking website, haven’t bring a solution. Your statement looks interesting, hope this will be the solution. Also me will have a look at this new feature in RW 7.3 Project Search, must be very usefull. Thanks Simon :+1:

Thanks @TINO for the compliment :blush: !

And @simon thank you for the quick and informative reply! I’ve changed my web address (https://) in the general settings and reloaded the site, but without the outcome I hoped for. I’ve noticed in the developer tools the following:
If I understand it correctly (I’m not a professional developer) the fonts are blocked (in red) but there’s also something wrong with different jQuery’s. I will download the beta rapidweaver and hope that with the project search function I can track down the http fonts (it’s build in the theme somewhere). However I doubt it will do the trick with the issue in the blog page as this is an image which is put in the ExtraContent 1 area of the theme. (through @import)

Thanks so far, Lisette

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