Hyperlinks dont work

I have a web site that uses rapidcartpro to sell stuff. In order to sell in multiple currencies, I have created 5 separate product lists with only one being visible via the “show in navigation” option.
The header of the visible product page has several html buttons that are linked to the various product pages with their respective currencies. All of the product pages are located in the /products/ folder on the server. When a visitor clicks on the USD button for example it fires the hyperlink Website.com/products/usd.php. While usd.php really does exist in the /products/ folder, every time the USD button is clicked, it jumps to the euro.php file which is in the products folder. BTW, the euro.php file is the only visible page and the jumping off point for the other currency files. To make things even more confusing, when you hover the mouse over the chosen currency button, it shows up correctly in the address bar, but when you click the button it just jumps to and loads the wrong page. Do I need a hammer or a priest?

A URL to the page(s) you’re having issues with would be a help for folks providing assistance.
It’s next to impossible to tell what exactly is going on with generic descriptions like website.com/product/usd.php.

Sorry, the site is www.simquip.com

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