Hyperlinks don't work in RW8.0.3

Hi Everybody,

I bought RW8.0.3 to update my RW6 project. As I redesign my project, most of the internal hyperlinks don’t work. I’ve re-entered/linked them to the target pages again, but that doesn’t seem to help much, although a couple of them worked, very slowly. The navigation tabs work slowly, but they work. I’m getting the prompt to install the latest version, 8.1.6, I think. I remember reading that many people were having problems with 8.1. Question: should I upgrade to the latest version, and do you think that will fix the hyperlink problem, or—any other ideas how to get that working and speed up the change from one page to another? Thanks so much! Josh

I don’t recall any issues with links in RW 8.0x.

A URL to a site might help.

Not sure what you are doing to re-enter these links. Might want to expand a little on how you are linking.

Hi Doug, here’s a screenshot of the link window. I confirmed that the links are each pointing to the correct page The site is not online so I can’t send a URL. This is all it needed in RW6, so I don’t know why it’s not working here. Any ideas? Should I update RW8 to the latest version? Thank you!

That should be all you need in RW8. I just tested and it seems to work fine. I’m running the latest 8.1.7 (beta) of RW8. I think it should work in the 8.0x versions as well. What is not working? When you hit the link in simulator or preview what happens?

I have had no problems with the 8.1.x releases, others have reported issues. Most seem to be in the resource area. You can try the update, just make sure you back-up any project files first. You can always “go back” to the 8.0.x release, just keep in mind that any project saved in 8.1.x will NOT be able to be opened by 8.0.x so you would have to restore the old projects and reapply any changes.

I just don’t know if thae update will fix the issue you’re having.

Thanks Doug, I think I’ll wait on the update until people feel all (most?) of the bugs have been fixed.

That’s fine, I still don’t know what issue is causing the problem for you with links. As I said I don’t think the update would fix that for you.

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