I can't get Joe Workman's Glider Stack to close on click

(Kenneth Wilkinson) #1

I’m messing around on my test site:


I tried to get glider to work on my main site but it was a disaster; just ended up with a huge blue square at the bottom of the page with previous/next buttons (even though I’d disabled them).
So I though I’d make a simple page on my test site and check I was setting Glider up correctly.

I think I have. I enabled ‘close on link click’ so that when a viewer clicks a link in the Glider area it closes. But for me it doesn’t close.

I’m using Jumpstack to collect header links in the content area. Then a header stack to display them in Glider. Is there any way of using another stack to display them so that the text wraps nicely, rather than in a ‘headerly’ way with a big gap between lines?

Thank you everyone.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Hello Kenneth,
Sorry about this issue, I am having Joe look at this when he gets up, as it should do that.

About the header stack, that is not a Glider issue, that is the way header stacks are made, they are made to be bigger and to have those gaps. I am not sure, but I think the HeaderPro stack by Big White Duck might have an option to turn the gap off
But I would contact him and ask. It is a free stack, but he does accept donations if you like the stack.

Hopefully when Joe wakes up he will see the note I made about your issue.

(Kenneth Wilkinson) #3

Thanks zeebe, i’ve Got the Header Pro stack, i’ll experiment with it.

(Joe Workman) #4

This is a complex problem. The TOC stack that you are using generates the links on the fly on page load. However, Glider is registering click events on all links before they are ever created. My only idea for a solution is to place Glider at the bottom of your page so that the links are possibly created before Glider looks for them.

(Kenneth Wilkinson) #5

Hi Joe,

thank you, that was it; Glider needs to be at the bottom.

I was inspired by a guy on this forum, he posted a video, using Glider to house a TOC stack to generate the headers/links from an Armadillo blog. Worked perfectly.

Of course, I now remember in the video he shows his page with the Glider and S4S Litebox stack at the bottom of the page.

Thanks again!

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