I hate upgrades

Hi guys,

I just - very reluctantly - upgraded my rapidweaver 5 to 7 as a lot of stacks require Stacks3 hence RW6 or higher.
Instead of overwriting my existing RW (which it did last time I upgraded hence lost all my 3rd party themes and I had to look them up one by one, re-install them and re-customize all other themes that I had customized, hence my reluctancy for upgrading), it created a new rapidweaver application this time (although I did make a backup now of all my themes to make sure that this didn’t happen this time).
I copied all my customized and third party themes to the new rapidweaver theme folder but they are only partly available, i.e. some are available, some aren’t. I can see them in the finder folder but when I want to choose them for a project in RW7, they seem to be missing (and I have “all themes” selected).
Also, no add-ons were transferred, such as stacks, blocks, collage, …).
I hate upgrading when it just doesn’t scroll your existing files in the old program and takes them with.
Have I copied them in the wrong folder, then why do some of them do show but others don’t ? It’s not possible that these themes are not compatible with the new RW is it ? Where should I copy stacks, blocks etc (I tried to install it again but it mentions there is nothing to install, probably because it is already installed in RW5).

I’m probably going to end with a handfull of extra grey hairs before I get this thing rolling… :frowning:

Meantime, if someone knows of a photo gallery stack that works in RW5, with Stacks 2.3 (as I can’t upgrade to 3 unless I upgrade RW), please let me know so I can continue working on my project in RW5 without all this hassle.


Hi, Fabi,

This is a complex post, which is probably why you did not get any answers so far. Best way to ask for help is presenting one issue at a time.

Anyway, you will most likely find some answers in this article: https://kb.realmacsoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001042994-Upgrading-Sites-to-RapidWeaver-7.

Once you get the basics right, there should be no problem with upgrading. For the future, I recommend avoiding in-app updates/upgrades. Instead, download a new version from https://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/releasenotes/ and just delete the old version.

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