RW 7 stacks in wrong folder?

Continuing the discussion from RW7 old themes and addons:

I have followed the manual transfer process and my themes and stacks show up in the Add-on manager. However, if I create a stack page, only the built-in stacks show up. If I a track down the stacks library (in RW7) it shows this filepath:

This folder is empty.

The stacks are in the folder ‘Rapidweaver’ as you suggested: ~Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Stacks.

I did a test with one of the stacks and copied it to the first folder that I mentioned and it appears in the library:

Is this the solution or is it better to wait for the fix?

Greetings, Lisette

Have you upgraded to RW 7.0.1? I had a few similar problems which were fixed by that.

Hello Peter,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I’ve upgraded from RW 5.4.1 to RW 7.0.1. So what puzzles me is that the Stacks folder which is empty (first filepath I mentioned) refers to ‘RW6PluginUpgrade’. I do not have RW6. Is it therefore that the suggested workaround doesn’t do the trick for the stacks? The themes are imported correctly in RW 7 and usable.
Anyhow, what do you suggest? Should I copy all the stacks as I did with the testcase (adaptivegrid stack)? Or will I mess up things?

Greetings, Lisette

You might be in the wrong area. Try opening RapidWeaver 7, then hold down option-command and push 7, this opens the addons folder. Then you can drag and drop the stacks into the stacks folder.

Thank you, Zeebee, for your input. However, the stacks are already in the folder which you suggest but not usable. That’s why I started the investigation. I checked where the ‘library’ button led me to (see picture) and when I reveal the ‘stacks library in finder’ this is the filepath:

This folder is empty (except for my trail to paste the adaptive grid in there). So apparently RW 7 made a folder in another location. Questione remains: can I copy the stacks into this folder without messing things up?

Greetings, Lisette